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Ste. Anne's Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization which supports the well-being of Veterans of all generations and military personnel who receive health care and services from Ste. Anne's Hospital, the only remaining hospital in Canada entirely dedicated to the care of our Canadian military personnel and Veterans.

What's New?

A new way of helping our Veterans and military personnel

You can now donate your used vehicule to “Donate a Car Canada” and the proceeds of the sale will benefit our Veterans and military personnel receiving care and services at Ste. Anne’s Hospital! And you will receive a tax receipt for your generous donation! Click here for more info!

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Because for our Veterans and military personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces, the battle isn’t over.

Thanks to Operation Dignity…

* You will be helping our older Veterans during the last years of their lives;
* You will be giving hope to our military personnel and New Generation Veterans.

Click here to get more information of our new initiative called “Operation Dignity”.

Operation Dignity Launch!

We are proud to launch today an information and support campaign called Operation Dignity.

The objective of this initiative is to ensure  high quality care and services to our Second World War and Korean War Veterans, as well as to our New Generation Veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, worthy of the sacrifices they have made for our country.

To learn more about our initiative, click here to consult the entire section dedicated to Operation Dignity.

Launching of the 2013-2014 Annual Campaign

Today, hundreds of aging Second World War Veterans and Korean War Veterans who suffer from the effects of disease and aging, as well as hundreds of younger Canadian Armed Forces Veterans with operational stress injuries, are cared for at Ste. Anne’s Hospital.

Please make your donation today

Through the charitable work of our Foundation, your donation will be used to:

• Reduce the pain of residents and out-patients & provide them with comfort;

• Give hope to Canadian Armed Forces Veterans who suffer from operational stress injuries;

• Offer the best palliative and end-of-life care with compassion and dignity to aging Second World War and Korean War Veterans;

• Reduce the loneliness and isolation of our hospitalized residents.

Our Canadian Veterans served our country to ensure our freedom and way of life, so that we, as well as future generations, may realize our own dreams, whatever they may be.

To be part of their lives… is the least we can do for them!

Eventual transfer of Ste. Anne’s Hospital to the government of Quebec

Our Veterans will always have their place here at Ste. Anne’s Hospital despite the transfer of jurisdiction of this institution planned to take place later this year.

For more information, click here to consult the Transfer section of our website.

Accreditation Canada Grants our Skype Project the Status of Best Practice!

A committee of long-term care experts from Accreditation Canada has recognized our Skype project as being a brilliant and inventive way of reducing social isolation amongst the institutionalized elderly.

Accreditation Canada will promote this practice throughout the country as a testimony of Ste. Anne’s Hospital’s determination to bring long-term care standards to new heights.

For more information on the Skype project, consult the Accomplishments section of our website by clicking here.

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