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Ste. Anne's Hospital Foundation is a charitable organization which supports the well-being of Veterans of all generations and military personnel who receive health care and services from Ste. Anne's Hospital.

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$60,000 to support the Wounded Warriors Canada PTSD Service Dog Program









Julie Jolicoeur and her PTSD Service Dog Dillon, Marg McEwen, Bob McEwen,
Anne Myles Brown, Minister Geoffrey Kelley, Scott Maxwell, Phil Ralph and              Andrée-Anne Desforges

Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation held a press conference on February 6th 2017 to announce a significant contribution of $60,000 provided jointly by Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation, Mrs. Anne Myles Brown and the Mingo-McEwen Fund to the Wounded Warriors Canada’s PTSD Service Dog Program.

This important contribution will support the pairing of up to four (4) PTSD Service Dogs with Veterans of the province of Quebec suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD Service Dogs have shown to have a profound impact on the lives of our Canadian heroes, helping them overcome many of their daily challenges, such as living with an Operational Stress Injury.

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2016-2017 Annual Campaign Launch

Supporting the well-being of our Canadian Heroes is a concrete way of remembering and honouring the sacrifices they have made.

Together, we can reduce their suffering.

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Help us help our Canadian Heroes

Over the next few months, the Foundation would like to finance the implementation of important programs for our young Veterans, pursue the financing of the programs already in place for our traditional Veterans, as well as proceed with the purchase of equipment. We are counting on you, our valued donors and supporters of our Veterans, to reach our goals as…

Your donations are vital to the well-being of our Canadian heroes!

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and for a detailed description of the projects that will be financed thanks to your donation.


A $25,000 grant intended for our young Veterans and members of their families

As part of the Bell Let’s Talk initiative, Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation receives a $25,000 grant from the Bell True Patriot Love Fund to support Veterans, military members and their families!

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Photo : Thierry Du Bois / OSA Images

Claude Rainville, Veteran, Steeve Nadeau, Veteran, Michel Mpambara, stand-up comedian and spokesperson for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, Andrée-Anne Desforges, Executive Director at Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation, Derek Speirs, Veteran, Stefie Shock, singer, composer, musician and spokesperson for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, Étienne Boulay, sports personality and spokesperson for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, Marjolaine Lachance, Bell Community Investment, Guylain Bourgoin, Veteran.


A donation of $6,000 for initiatives in Mental Health

On August 26th 2015, the Golf Tournament for retired employees of Bell from the greater region of Montréal was held at the beautiful “Vallée des Forts Golf Club” in Saint-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu. Operation Dignity, an initiative of Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation, had been chosen as the Charity that would benefit from funds generated by this event.

We are proud to announce that an amount of over $6,000 has been collected throughout the day! This donation will be used to finance initiatives in mental health for our military personnel and Veterans suffering from Operational Stress Injuries.

A warm thank you to the organizing committee, as well as to all the retired employees of Bell who generously contributed, making this event a great success!


The legacy of Jean-Marcel D’Aoust

The name “Jean-Marcel D’Aoust” will be remembered at Ste. Anne’s Hospital foD'Aoust, Jean-Marcel 001 - mod (2)r years to come for one simple reason:

His Planned Donation is helping his fellow Veterans!

Click here to read more about Jean-Marcel D’Aoust and Planned Donations.


A new way of helping our Veterans and military personnel

You can now donate your used vehicule to “Donate a Car Canada” and the proceeds of the sale will benefit our Veterans and military personnel receiving care and services at Ste. Anne’s Hospital! And you will receive a tax receipt for your generous donation! Click here for more info!


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Because for our Veterans and military personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces, the battle isn’t over.

Thanks to Operation Dignity…

* You will be helping our older Veterans during the last years of their lives;
* You will be giving hope to our military personnel and New Generation Veterans.

Click here to get more information of our new initiative called “Operation Dignity”.


Operation Dignity Launch!

We are proud to launch today an information and support campaign called Operation Dignity.

The objective of this initiative is to ensure  high quality care and services to our Second World War and Korean War Veterans, as well as to our New Generation Veterans and members of the Canadian Armed Forces, worthy of the sacrifices they have made for our country.

To learn more about our initiative, click here to consult the entire section dedicated to Operation Dignity.


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