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The Legacy of
Jean-Marcel D’Aoust

January 25, 1921 – December 27, 2013


The name “Jean-Marcel D’Aoust” will be remembered at Ste. Anne’s Hospital for years to come for one simple reason:

His Planned Donation is helping his fellow Veterans!

Before he passed away, here at our very own hospital that he called home, Jean-Marcel D’Aoust chose to leave a legacy in his name by helping those that he called his friends, his colleagues, his brothers and sisters; the Veterans of Ste. Anne’s Hospital.

D'Aoust, Jean-Marcel 002Jean-Marcel believed that once he had taken care of his loved ones, he would leave part of his inheritance to a number of charities that were close to his heart, including Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation. Mr. D’Aoust did so by designating these charities in his last will & testament.

Mr. D’Aoust’s wish was that our hospitalized Veterans receive additional help and support as their needs increase due to aging, and that our younger Veterans and military personnel receive the support they deserve.


Jean-Marcel’s name will remain a symbol of generosity & compassion

Jean-Marcel D’Aoust will be remembered at Ste. Anne’s Hospital as one of those individuals who chose to make a difference for our Veterans, long after he left this earth.

Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation will honor this gift in a way that will ensure that Mr. D’Aoust’s name remains a symbol of generosity and compassion at Ste. Anne’s Hospital, for years to come, and for all to take notice.


“What we do for ourselves alone dies with us; what we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal”.

Albert Pike, 19th Century Author


Would you like to speak to us regarding a planned donation that will leave a legacy in your name?

Call us at 514 457-8484 or visit our office on the Second Floor of the Main Pavilion at Ste. Anne’s Hospital.


What is planned giving?

It’s a donation that allows you to leave a legacy in your name. The Foundation will ensure that your name will be remembered at Ste. Anne’s Hospital for years to come.

You don’t have to be wealthy to make this type of donation. Anyone can plan a legacy gift no matter their level of income or assets.

Planned giving is a charitable donation that is arranged now and received later after your death by the persons or charities of your choice, through your estate. If you already have a will, you can simply add a Codicil to your will instead of making a new one.

Planned gifts to Ste. Anne’s Hospital Foundation can include: Donations of money, of a Life Insurance Policy, of Securities or the gift of property or any other possessions of value.

As well, the fiscal advantages of making planned donations can benefit you as well as your estate.


A Donation in your last will or testament can include:

The donation of money or of items of value

After you have seen to the well-being of your loved ones, you can choose to leave all or part of the remaining assets to the Foundation in order to accomplish a project that’s important to you and that will contribute to the well-being of the Veterans of Ste. Anne’s Hospital.

You may choose to leave a specific amount, a percentage of your inheritance, or even personal belongings such as a property, a residence, securities or other types of investments.


The donation of a Life Insurance Policy

You can offer a substantial gift to the Foundation by simply designating it as the owner or beneficiary of a life insurance policy that you already own.

If your life conditions have changed, your children have now grown older and your life insurance policy no longer corresponds to your needs, why not transfer the policy to the Foundation where it will have a much more significant impact?


The donation of securities and investments

All types of securities owned by a person can be given as a donation to the Foundation who can use them as an investment or exchange them for money. Furthermore, when you make a donation to the Foundation in the form of securities, you will benefit from significant fiscal advantages.

« Ce que nous avons fait pour nous-même meurt avec nous. Ce que nous avons fait pour les autres et le monde demeure et est immortel. » Albert Pike, Auteur du 19e siècle (Traduction libre)